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Everyone loves a sob story of how they got to where they are today. For once we aren't one of those! Thank god I hear you say?

The concept for Jaunt was born back in May 2016 when 3 friends and I went on an epic road trip 6500 miles across America. For the previous two years I was stuck in an IT Manager position in a local company with little to no job satisfaction.

So this is how Jaunt all began:

The Story

While travelling across America we wanted an app that would allow us to track where we had been and where we were off to next and show it to the people back home. It would have been good for us to upload the pictures and blogs from each place also. Having looked for some time without much success we gave up.

It wasn't until we got home that the idea of starting our own app hit us. With that in mind we did further research and to our amazement there wasn't an app out there already that did what we wanted.

This is when Jaunt was born.

The Timeline


25 MAY 2016

This was the day Jordan quit his boring ass job to go on a once in a lifetime trip across America.

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American Roadtrip

30 MAY 2016

And so it begins. We were about to start our epic drive of over 6500 miles across the US.

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03 SEPT 2016

The original concept designs for the new app had just been finished and damn... they looked mighty fine!

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18 OCT 2016

Prototyping and wireframing begins on the app.

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Jaunt Launch

23 FEB 2017

Jaunt was officially launched during a #BelfastHour networking event on twitter with our new website.

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Google Grant

26 FEB 2017

Jaunt is awarded an grant from Google and Udacity to study Android app development beating 40,000 other applicants worldwide

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16 MAR 2017

We launched our IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign for 2 month ending in a great £604 of funding!

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Taking a Bath

16 JUN 2017

Jaunt moves into the Ormeau Baths. The Baths are now co-workers space in the heart of Belfast, NI.


Android Beta

3 JUL 2017

What a big day! The Jaunt Android beta rolled out on the Google Play Store for users to test!

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Entrepreneurial Spark

14 JUL 2017

Jaunt gets accepted onto the Entrepreneurial Spark Sprint programme powered by Ulster Bank.

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New Website

1 AUG 2017

The brand new website officially went live for the world to see!

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TechStartNI Pitch

16 AUG 2017

Jaunt gives their business pitch for £10,000 of investment to the TechStartNI panel.

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