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Not So Weekly Update - 30/06/17

It's The Deadline

Well it's official, I've moved into the Ormeau Baths and today is the deadline! The official move in date was on Monday two weeks ago but I sneakily had moved my stuff in the Friday before. I have to apologise that the social media pages and blog have been quiet over the past few weeks. As usual the boring business stuff has slowed me up again.

The good news is that boring business stuff could mean some more money for the App! I will keep you all posted on that but in the meantime there is a lot going on.

The Baths!

What can I say, the team has done an amazing job converting the baths into a thriving co working space in the centre of Belfast. In my opinion this has been long overdue because we currently have the highest concentration of tech start-ups in the world even beating silicone valley in California!

But why did I move into the Baths? Well that's an easy question for me. I now have an open work space, perfect for meetings and events. But the main thing is the support that will come from the baths and the knowledge from the other companies around me!

Google Play Store!

Early last week my registration and app had both been approved by Google. I actually can't believe that my app is going to be out there for people to use. This was definitely the first time this dream of mine felt real! This means the app beta will now be sent out through the Play Store.


Well it’s officially the end of the month when I said there would be an early version of the app for people to play around with. Well there's good and bad news about that! The bad news first I think!

The Bad News: it's not actually as bad as you might think. Basically the app isn't as far as long as I would have liked it at this stage. I would have liked to be able to fully populate maps with all your stops. At the minute you can add a start and end location, add photos and write a blog if you want. I'm currently working on the adding friends side of things and I'm really hoping this will be done in time! I’m going to take the weekend to finalise a few things and start sending links out on monday morning.

The Good News: the good news is that I've decided to still go along with the closed beta on monday morning as I said above because I do feel there is enough to play around with and get a feel of how Jaunt is going to work! The beta signup page is now live here if you want to test the Android version. To make it easier could you please register with your Google Play Store email address.


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