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Not So Weekly Update - 19/05/17

It Would Have Been Easier To Rob A Bank

Holy crap I can’t quite believe it’s been 2 months since I launched the crowdfunding on IndieGoGo! I know the target was missed by a lot but the £604 raised (£549.08 after IndieGoGo take their cut for doing absolutely nothing at all!) will help me out so much. I will talk about the money raised in a bit. To be honest with you all I’m glad the campaign is over. It would have been easier to rob a bank to get the money!

On a daily basis I was getting spam email from people saying they can help the campaign grow by ridiculous amounts. I just ignored them at the start but as time went on I decided that any help I could get would be amazing. I signed up for a few of them and when they finally got back to me they all said they couldn’t help as “apps fail to get funding through crowdfunding campaigns”.

The Campaign?

So all this got me thinking, was there an issue with the campaign? Were the perks too expensive or just shit? For a while the campaign dragged me down a bit and really made me consider would the app work!

It’s definitely not a bad thing to think these thoughts but one thing I don’t like to do is fail! In the past I know a lot of my teachers and other people might have said I won’t amount to anything! So when this works it’s going to be the most massive of fuck you possible and make the hard work so worth it! Having said all that I would just like to thank all the backers that kindly donated their money to help me! You have all made such a huge difference, not only with your donations but also by showing you believe in what I’m doing! You are complete legends and I won’t ever forget it!

The Sales Pitch!

As I’m sure you’re aware I recently went on the Prince’s Trust enterprise programme for people wanting to start their own businesses. The programme is amazing and would highly recommend it to anyone! You can find more about it Here.

As part of the programme you have to give a business pitch to volunteers that have been in business for many years. Having just done a 3 minute business pitch as part of a competition just days before I was fairly confident going into this one.

Boy was I was wrong! I think the issue was I had no clear guaranteed income for quite a long time and they’re used to the likes of beauty saloons that say they will be making £1000’s from the estimated 100 customers they’ll have in a day! After a bravely fought battle the volunteers awarded me a grant of £250 and I’m now a proud member of the business launch group! The raises the total amount of funding up to £804!


The deadline is now so close that I think it’s better measured in days. Therefore there are only 41 days left until the end of June deadline! I’ve worked out that I have roughly 28-34 days worth of work left to get a working version of the app out there. This isn’t impossible to do in that time frame it is just going to be very tight with the fact I also have to go to my part time job! I’ll keep you all updated as usual!


Lead Developer