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Not So Weekly Update - 04/06/17

It's Time For A Swim

It's time for a swim for 2 reasons. First reason is that I'm writing this on the flight over to Malaga for a few days holiday. Most of my trips involve a lot of walking and adventuring but I definitely think this is going to be a chill holiday on the beach!

The second reason is by far the most exciting though! Jaunt is joining the Ormeau Baths! The contract has been signed and I'll be part of the first business's to join the Baths as a tech startup on the 12th June!

The Baths!

But what does this mean for Jaunt? Well first off, Jaunt now has a city center office that can hold meetings and events. But the Baths are a massive opportunity for me to network with other likeminded entrepreneurs and collaborate on projects with them. This alone is a huge thing as it will help drastically shape the future of the app!

The Baths are also going to be the home of Barclays eagle lab for Belfast which shows how much they're interested in the city and fingers crossed in the app! I'll be sure to have a chat with them when I'm settled in.

The App!

Shockingly I think it's been a while since I actually talked about the app in depth, so here you are. The app has been progressing nicely over the last few weeks with the newsfeed and map adding functionality approaching completion for the launch of our beta.

The app is currently being tested by three very close friends who are seeing it being built from the ground up. So far it's all looking very good and I can't wait for everyone else to get their hands on it.

On the booking side of things I think this might be coming after the beta has rolled out as I'm still no further in my talks with Skyscanner and Airbnb. It's realy shit because it was something that I wanted to have from the start! I guess it's something for you all to look forward to.

The Crowdfunding!

The crowdfunding money finally came into my account this week so I was able to get the tshirts and stickers ordered up. The hoodies arrived as well and I have started to disperse them out. If you haven't got yours yet I will be in touch very soon! I decided to change the design for the tshirts to something I have been working on for a while, so I hope you like them! Also there will be some available to order in a few weeks time for just £9.99! Here's the new design mockup from The Print Ink Co:


Another shock is that I think I'm ahead of schedule but no doubt something else will pop up and fuck that! Until then I'm going to enjoy the feeling and continue putting the hours into getting your app finished. As always I'll keep you all in the loop!


Lead Developer