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Not So Weekly Update - 27/04/17

It Wasn’t Too Late For Me To Just Go Home

Firstly guys I want to apologise for the lack of updates for the past while. A lot of amazing opportunities have opened up meaning I have been focusing on them.

Yesterday was the first of those opportunities and also the first ever business pitch I gave for Jaunt. The presentation was at Catalyst Inc in Belfast for their annual competition, Invent.

What Is Invent & What Does It Mean?

“Invent is an annual competition that showcases and rewards local innovations that promise the greatest potential. It’s an opportunity to gain high-profile exposure; to market-validate your idea; to unlock a quality network of influencers and to win a place on the NI Tech Mission to California. There’s also a prize fund of £33,000 shared by the winners and the opportunity to feature on this years BBC Made in Northern Ireland series.”

Just to be selected to give my pitch for Jaunt at Invent is an incredibly big deal for me. It’s the first step to getting the app into the public eye as well as investment opportunities. Before now I have always been that guy that works on projects in the background and have never been public facing. For me to stand up infront of industry professional, sell me idea and potentially have them pick it apart is something that makes me very uncomfortable.

So uncomfortable that in the car on the way up I questioned what the fuck I was doing and the possibility of turning around and going home. Nope, I wasn’t going to blow this once in a lifetime opportunity to potentially launch the app with a massive bang! The nerves were so bad when I got in until I started talking to the guys at Talnet who were in exactly same position! They actually have an amazing product for connecting creatives and highly recommend anyone to check them out! Some of the nicest and most genuine guys and I wish them all the best with their business!

Other News

Tomorrow is also a big milestone on my journey with the Prince’s Trust. I will be going to a Business launch meeting where I will again pitch my idea to established business owners and professionals for them to sign off on launching the app into the Prince’s Trust community. This in turn opens up much needed avenues such as business mentors and funding!

Another notable person that I would like to thank at this stage is Dearbhaile. She is my programme executive at the Prince’s Trust and also one of the Co-Founders of The Holding Project. She has been a complete blessing at this early stage of the business and I have been the most massive pain in the ass but it never bothered her at all! Thank you so much and I definitely want to one of the first people in the THP containers! I recommend any millennials to have a read about what they are trying to achieve. I have pasted an extract below to give you an idea!

“The Holding Project seeks to build 20 compact, eco-friendly micro-homes in Belfast for young people. As the millennial generation become trapped in private rented accommodation for the long term, the project hopes to offer an alternative form of housing as a mechanism towards enabling social mobility.”


With just over 10 weeks to the deadline of having a basic version of the app is just on the edge of being possible. About 50% is already done but the last 50% is very fiddly and time consuming. I am working as hard as possible to get the app to market on time but at the same time I’m not about to publish a heap of shit and tarnish the brand I have worked so hard to build! I hope everyone is able to understand this and as usual I will be keeping you all in the loop!


Lead Developer