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Not So Weekly Update - 01/08/17

The New Website

It’s been just over a month since my last blog on the Jaunt website because I've been incredibly busy developing this brand new website and continuing work on the Android app.

Since the app went live on the Monday 3rd July there has been many updates with the planning tool coming along nicely as well as loads of bug fixes that you guys found. Thanks again for the continued support!

The New Website

Well it’s here, the new Jaunt website. I have been wanting to develop a new site for a while to give people a better understanding of what Jaunt really is. I think the new site really gives users an insight but there’s much more to come. The plan is to have the booking system live on the website by the end of summer if everything goes to plan.

These changes come after conducting further market research and listening to you guys. I have found that from 213 people surveyed between the ages of 18 - 65+ that 90.5% of these people would book their travel online with only 9.5% saying they would still book with a travel agent. Because of this I have deemed that it is more important to have the booking system on the website instead of the app. This doesn't mean it won't be in the app at all, it will be developed after the website.

Further to this the Jaunt web app will be coming a lot sooner than first anticipated. It seems that in the travel industry people would still prefer to engage with the bigger devices such as laptops and computers. It must be to do with the importance and value of booking a holiday. This is something I really didn't expect especially in 2017! I will continue to work on the Android app at the same time but the updates will be a bit slower.

Where I’m At

It’s 5:14am and I’m sitting in the Ormeau Baths writing this blog with not a single other person about because I'm not sleeping well anymore. I honestly think it's because I have so many ideas and things to think about. My brain just doesn't stop anymore! No idea if this is a good or bad thing haha.

August is a huge month with pitches for £1000's worth of funding as well as the start date for Entrepreneurial Spark! ESpark is the worlds largest free people accelerator for startups. I have been accepted onto the sprint programme that will help me set and achieve business as well as personal goals to ensure Jaunt continues to grow. The programme is designed to help hone entrepreneurial talent which is definitely an area that I could improve greatly in.

I'll be sure to keep you all up to date with these developments as they happen on social media as well as here on the new blog. I promise to not leave so much time between the next blogs!


Lead Developer