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Not So Weekly Update - 15/03/17

Our Imminent IndieGoGo Launch

Well Holy Crap! It’s the 15th of March and we are just one day away from launching our IndieGoGo campaign!

The last few weeks have been absolutely crazy but I wouldn’t change a thing about them. Until now I never knew what it would take out of you and the team to run a startup company. To be truthful, we haven’t even looked at a line of code in the last 2 weeks because there is just so much behind the scenes, boring business stuff!

This past week has just consisted of meeting with people who are working on the Jaunt campaign such as Sam Orr from Amber Tree Filmhouse as well as social media networking and meeting up with bloggers. Sam just sent me over the preview of our brand new video we will be using on the campaign tomorrow. Words can’t even describe how epic it is and I can’t thank him enough for it either! If you are ever looking videography work done you should definitely speak to him!

Like it has even taken us about 10 hours to get our hoodies and tshirts that will be given away as perks rewards on the campaign to look right! 10 HOURS!

I don’t think I personally have ever been so nervous in all my life about taking this leap into the unknown world of running a start up and launching a crowdfunding campaign. We have plenty of plans in place so the app will launch in the future it will just take a bit more time. We just don’t want to be one of those campaigns that doesn’t get any funding at all.

On the flip side of that the amount of support that we have from our friends & family is just phenomenal and has really spurred us on! When I said to my Mum about potentially leaving my current job to work full time on the app she near killed me (again!) but now I think she has warmed to the idea after seeing the support we have.

The IndieGoGo campaign will hopefully be live tomorrow afternoon (16th of March) but we will officially launch tomorrow night using #BelfastHour. Belfast Hour is a weekly event run on Twitter by Edwards & Co solicitors based in Belfast’s beautiful Cathedral Quarter. The event runs from 9-10pm on a Thursday evening and brings together all local small & medium business together to network. I couldn’t think of a better place to start our campaign as this is where we started to grow our app awareness.

So yea, this is currently where we are and what we have been up to for the past two weeks! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on how the campaign is coming along and it would honestly mean the world to us if you wanted to help fund part of the app! We will add a link to this post as soon as we go live!


Lead Developer